2015-09-02 / Editorials

The Fruits Of Our Labor

This coming Monday, September 7, many of us will take advantage of the day off to join family and friends in bidding adieu to summer and celebrating with picnics, the beach, barbecues at home or other fun outings. We hope everyone enjoyed all our fair borough has to offer during the summer, and the coming fall offers a happy medium of work and play.

Labor Day is the first holiday of the school year, in time to soothe the children’s trauma of returning to the classroom. We salute all students as they work to gain the knowledge, skills, and self-development to find their rightful place in our society, as well as the hard working teachers who needed the summer to recuperate.

There are many who will be working on Labor Day, and we appreciate their dedication. If not for them, we could not travel, be safe, or patronize all kinds of establishments. Many of us have jobs which are physically demanding, or even dangerous, while some of our jobs just pose risks to our mental health. Whether we have been “a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet...a pawn and a king,” we pick ourselves up and get back in the race, to paraphrase Frank Sinatra (“That’s Life”). It may be a daily grind, but we keep on going, and hopefully everyone can find their way to a job or career that feels compatible to their spirit, so that it does not feel like work, and they will be well compensated, so that the costs of living are not a struggle to meet. Our vision of utopia would only include labors of love.

We wish for everyone to be occupied in sharing their unique gifts with the world, and engaged in developing more marketable skills that align with each one’s nature and interests. We celebrate the workers who make possible our society which is recreated on a daily basis by every member filling their role in the grand fabric of life, keeping us all afloat – people using their energy, talents, skills, and determination, to make this country great.

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