2015-08-26 / Front Page

New Smoking Ban At School Entrances, Ed Programs

By Liz Goff
Parents and other caregivers who light up on their way to pick up youngsters from school and after-school programs will now have to snuff out cigarettes before they reach school grounds.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo last week signed legislation that bans smoking near schools, education institutes and after-school programs.

Smoking was banned in all New York State workplaces under the 2003 Clean Indoor Air Act. The measure fell short by failing to ban smoking at after-school programs and entrances to school buildings that youngsters pass through, lawmakers said.

Officials at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention warn that even brief exposure to secondhand smoke can cause respiratory infections and increase the risk of cancer in children.

The new law prohibits smoking within 100 feet of after-school programs, school buildings and campuses and school entrances.

“Smoking is already banned in restaurants and bars, workplaces, schools and playgrounds,” State Sen. Toby Stavisky said. “It is only logical that it be banned near schools.”

The ban also applies to smokers who place their votes at polling places in schools during Primary and General Elections, authorities said.

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