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Jorney For Peace

The inspiring journey through New York City of Chen Guanming – a 60-year-old Chinese farmer riding his rickshaw around the world in support of the Olympic message of peace among nations – came to its conclusion today at the steps of the Flushing Library.

Inspired by the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Chen began cycling, pushing and pulling his rickshaw around the world in support of the Olympic message of international harmony. He traveled through Asia and Europe in time to arrive at the 2012 London Olympic Games, and he has continued his journey through Canada and currently the United States. He expects to arrive in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in time for the 2016 Olympic Games.

To date, he has traveled through 24 nations, and over 170,000 km.

Backed by dozens of Chen Guanming fans, on August 22, Councilman

Koo awarded Chen with a certificate in honor of his dedication and commitment to promoting international peace and harmony.

Koo stated, “Mr. Chen is truly an inspiration to young and old, and I’m very gratified that so many residents of Flushing came out to support him and encourage his spirit. The state of the world today is plagued by incidents of terrorism, financial crisis, hunger and disease. In his travels, Mr. Chen has seen more than most of us ever will, and with sheer force of will and an impenetrable optimism, his passage begets a glimmer of hope and encouragement for all he encounters. We wish him the best of luck, and I have no doubt that as he continues his remarkable trek around the world, he will succeed in his mission to spread goodwill across cultures. Many thanks to the 109th Police Precinct, the Queens Library, and the offices of the Mayor and Council Member Margaret Chin for helping to organize Mr. Chen’s safe arrival in Flushing.”

Chen stated, “Thank you to Council Member Peter Koo and everyone who has supported me. I started doing this to challenge myself and to spread the Olympic spirit of world peace around the world. I hope to encourage people to work hard, stay healthy by exercising, and to realize that no dream is too big if you have the will to accomplish it.”

Anyone interested in meeting Chen can stop by the steps of the Flushing Library for a few more days, where he will stay with his rickshaw to meet and pose for pictures with well-wishers. His next destination is Washington DC. For more information about Chen’s famed Olympic rickshaw ride, visit www.chenolympicrickshaw.com.

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