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15 Years For Corona Man In Child Sex “Game”

By Liz Goff
A 24-year-old Corona man was sentenced last week to 5-to-15 years in prison for engaging underage girls in a cyber “game” that awarded points to young victims who participated in a series of activities – including sexual acts, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said.

Brown said Jorel Fowler was sentenced on August 12 on two counts of use of a child in a sexual performance – to which he pleaded guilty in July. Fowler admitted at that time that he recruited young girls to participate in what he described as “the game,” which awarded points to victims who reached set “levels,” that included removing their clothing, displaying their bodies and “just smiling.” Fowler asked the girls, at the end of “the game” if they wanted to play again – and requested their phone numbers, Brown said.

A criminal complaint filed in the case states that a cyber “tip” from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children regarding a child-luring and child pornography complaint involving a 12-year-old Oklahoma girl led Queens detectives to Fowler’s Corona home on February 20, 2013, where they recovered a laptop computer and an iPhone 5 with Fowler’s permission.

The mother of the 13-year-old girl alerted local police and reported Fowler’s activities on CyberTip, saying he was communicating wit her daughter online for more than two years. The mother said Fowler sent her daughter naked photos of himself and urged her to send him naked photos of herself. Fowler repeatedly tried to convince the girl to meet him at a hotel for a sexual tryst, prosecutors said.

Forensic examination of the computer revealed seven videos dubbed, “Sarah,” “Tiffany and Britney,” ”Katelyn,” “Julia,” “Gabrielle,” “Ashley” and “Alex,” that allegedly contain graphic text and video conversations between Fowler and the girls, each of whom is under 16-years-old, engaging in “the game.”

At each of several levels in the game, Fowler asked his young victims to proceed by performing sexual acts like touching various body parts with their fingers or other objects, Brown said.

Prosecutors said the videos were recorded by Fowler during online “chat sessions” with the underage girls on a social media website. The videos contained text and taped conversations between Fowler and various girls younger than 15 years old playing “the game,” prosecutors said. Prosecutors said forensic investigation of Fowler’s computer showed he had also downloaded and saved 52 images of naked young girls with their genitals exposed to the camera. 

Following his arrest, Fowler admitted to detectives that he had engaged with 10 minor females in “the game,” authorities said.

“The facts of this case are deplorable,” Brown said. “The defendant took advantage of young girls, manipulating them into playing a vile game and recording it for his sexual gratification.

“This is the reason why we repeatedly urge parents to communicate with their children about their use of the Internet and to monitor their children’s online activities, always,” Brown said. “There are sexual predators lurking online, just waiting for an opportunity,” he said.

The mother of the 13-year-old victim told the court in a statement read at the August 12 sentencing that while Fowler “may not have physically touched” her daughter, he has “taken her innocence away.”

“You are deserving of the punishment to the fullest,” the mother said.

 Fowler was sentenced to serve 5-to-15 years in prison on counts included in an indictment handed down by a Queens Grand Jury. Under the terms of his sentencing, Fowler will also be required to register with the New York State Sex Offenders Registry at the time of his release from prison.



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