2015-08-26 / Editorials

Trump Stirs The Pot

Many years ago we personally interviewed Donald Trump, who has a lifelong connection to Queens, as he was born here and lived near St. John’s University in Jamaica Estates. He was one of our first celebrity interviews (“Close-Up” with former Gazette Editor, Jim Mahoney). From that interview a million years ago, we realized long before his TV shows and celebrity status, he had the ability to spark debate and conversation. Trump has proven to be a New York institution, as well as an upstart and instigator.

He has had smashing success, such as with the creation of the Grand Hyatt and renovation of Wollman Rink. Of course he has also had spectacular losses as well.

His broad and sweeping proclamations have always gotten everyone’s attention, whether they side with him, or hold positions from numerous other angles. This still holds true today as he runs for president.

He has clearly created enthusiastic debate among followers and detractors, from all sides of the aisle. Believe it or not, this is a good thing. We need public discourse on matters of national urgency, security, and also the mundane issues of day to day governance.

In the end, if he wins, pulls out, is defeated, or forms his own country (he could probably afford it), we are respectful and thankful he is stimulating discussion.

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