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Letters to the Editor

Austin Book Shop

To The Editor:

My name is Barbara Titowsky Krysko, and my father was Bernard Titowsky of the Austin Book Shop. I recently came across Jason Antos’ article about my dad’s store (“60 Years And Counting,” November 19, 2014).

I wanted to thank him for doing such a wonderful job, and actually getting the majority of the facts correct. There have been articles in the paper about my father and his store before, but this one was my favorite.

Thank you again,
Barbara Titowsky Krysko

Union Saves Lives

To The Editor:

Many kinds of potential health threats to students and staff have been found in our public schools over the years: asbestos, PCBs, environmental hazards related to construction, cancer clusters, various infectious illnesses and more.

Recently a public school teacher died of Legionnaires’ disease, which is known to be caused by bacteria found in aquatic systems. We’ll never know for sure whether the case would have developed had the building been inspected right after the breakout of sickness.

Thanks to the United Federation of Teachers, which includes industrial hygienists who are highly qualified science professionals, the building where the deceased teacher was on staff will be checked out. There will be samples taken and lab-tested and the water system will be cleaned.

Most people don’t associate this kind of intervention with the teachers union, but it is part of the UFT’s service to communities. The union has been proactive in many situations and acted as though they were first-responders when emergencies arose. The union has worked with all appropriate investigators to solve problems and ensure that there is independent verification that a school is safe for continued operation.

Improved chance of survival: just another union benefit.

Ron Isaac
Fresh Meadows

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