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Man Sought In Sunnyside Acid Attack

A 59-year-old St. Albans woman, identified as Alexandra Dye, was attacked on August 19 by an unknown man as she got into her car near 43rd Avenue and 33rd Street in Sunnyside at around 5:30 p.m.

Dye suffered severe burns when a man threw an acid-like liquid in her face.

According to police, the man came up from behind and said to Dye, "Can I ask you a question?" When Dyer turned around, the man threw the unknown gel-like substance from a coffee cup he was holding at her face.

Dye tried to drive away but only made it a few feet before she pulled over and collpased.

She was rushed to the burn unit at Cornell Medical Center and is expected to survive. Dye,  executive director at Healing Arts Initiative, a non-profit that brings art to the less fortunate suffered burns to her mouth, face and eyes.

The man is described as a black male, about 30, five feet 7 inches, with a medium build and dressed in a dark T-shirt and shorts with very short hair.

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