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No Charges For Driver In Multi-Car Astoria Accident

By Liz Goff
A late model BMV sports sedan spun out of control at an Astoria intersection on August 2, veered the wrong way down a one-way street and slammed into 19 parked vehicles before coming to a stop, law enforcement sources said.

Sources said the BMW was traveling westbound on 34th Avenue at about 12:10 a.m. on August 2 when the car suffered tire and wheel damage that caused it to veer out of control. The BMW spun out and struck a Uber car near 42nd Street, then careened the wrong way down the one-way street and crashed into a row of parked vehicles, the sources said. The BMW sped more than half way down 42nd Street before screeching to a halt, the sources said.

“If you were looking for a miracle, this was it,” police sources said. “It’s a miracle that no other cars were heading down 42nd Street and that no one was crossing the street.”

The sound of brakes screeching and metal-on-metal brought residents to the street, where they checked their vehicles for damage, eyewitnesses said.

“It was like car carnage, like someone sent out a car hit squad,” a neighbor said. “I was angry when my brother asked me if he could borrow my car on Sunday night,” the man said. “Now I think I better thank him.”

Police who responded to the scene within moments of the crash examined the carnage and filed complaints from frazzled vehicle owners, including the owner of a car that was pushed into a tree by the BMW, authorities said.

Police said the Uber car was traveling with three passengers in the rear seat when the BMW lost control and slammed into one of its headlights. The impact ripped the headlight from the car and tossed it across the street, authorities said. At that point, the BMW continued out of control down 42 Street where it struck the row of vehicles, setting off alarms, deploying airbags and causing varying amounts of damage, authorities said.

Fire officials said the driver and passengers in the Uberr car were “shaken,” and one passenger was taken to Elmhurst Hospital Center with minor injuries.

The unidentified BMW driver remained at the scene and did not face criminal charges in the accident, authorities said.



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