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Letters to the Editor

Trump’s Hubris

To The Editor:

As predicted, the Trumpster’s campaign is beginning to unravel due to his arrogant nature and nasty comments he’s made starting at last Thursday’s so-called Republican debate. “The Donald” will soon find himself alone on the stump as more responsible Republicans distance themselves from him because of his toxicity. The RedState Gathering, a Republican meeting of over 1,000 conservative activists in Atlanta, just disinvited him due to his postdebate nasty tweets about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. Trump had a public fight with Rosie O’Donnell a couple of years back, and Kelly quoted Trump’s own name-calling words when asking him how he felt about women. This question really set him off. It was like prodding a caged animal with a stick. At the end of his response, he turned on Kelly by saying there were things he could say about her too. In other words, watch out Megyn! You could be in my sights too.

To enliven the show, Fox baited Trump in the opening moments of the broadcast by asking if there was anybody on stage who wouldn’t pledge to run as a Republican. This was a direct assault on Trump since he has stated that he may run as an independent if doesn’t get the party nomination. He had to raise his hand and state his case to the claps and boos from the audience.

Fox proceeded by asking each candidate “hot-potato” questions ripped from the headlines about the negative stories on each candidate, giving them only one minute to respond. All candidates showed a certain amount of visible anger at the questions posed and being put on the spot. This Morton Downey-style confrontational evening did nothing to advance any Republican candidate whatsoever. Did anybody win? No, it was just a question of who lost the least. Trump was the biggest loser. His aggressive arrogance was in full view. Trump is the bully we all moved away from in school because he will turn on you in an instant, trash you, and he always has to have the last word. Remember the type?

Sadly, the much hyped “debate” was not a debate at all and those of us expecting any serious dialogue were very disappointed. During real debates, the debaters are each asked the same question, and they go point and counterpoint with their answers. Political theatre is not debate. It did serve the purpose of getting very high ratings for Fox. And for Fox, money talks. Everything else, including the truth, walks.

Tyler Cassell

Keep Parks Public

To The Editor:

On July 6 the Appellate Division Court ruled that part of Flushing Meadows Corona Park may not be used for a mall complex known as Willets West. This has been a contentious issue for some time, because many people feel that parkland belongs to the public and should not be awarded out for private development projects. At the very least, such proposals should have been reviewed by the State Legislature, which in this case was not done. The people’s land was just going to be given away.

From my understanding, there were many negative impacts to this project including economic duress to surrounding small businesses, increased traffic congestion, and other quality of life problems. This ruling may still be appealed by the developers in favor of the project, but at least the court has essentially recognized that parkland belongs to the public.

We should be thankful to those who filed the lawsuit against the project and their supporters which include state Senator Tony Avella, the City Club of New York, New York City Park Advocates, Willets Point United, Queens Civic Congress and individuals like Benjamin Haber and Paul Graziano.

When one thinks of this situation, what would people have said if this attempted land grab was happening in Central Park or Prospect Park? Most people would be outraged and justifiably so. Flushing Meadows Corona Park deserves the same respect.

Now let’s see the portion of the park that was going to be changed to a mall used for appropriate recreational and green space! This will create jobs and be beneficial to all of the residents of Queens and especially to the people living in the adjacent neighborhoods of Corona and West Flushing.

Henry Euler

Simple Transformation

To The Editor:

While many want to transform Queens Boulevard from the “Boulevard of Death” into a Grand Promenade of Gardens, bike paths and safe crossings, we must be aware of the unforgiving Law of Unintended Consequences.

If it is narrowed and slowed, where does the DOT think all the traffic that Queens Boulevard now handles will go? It won’t just magically disappear or migrate to the LIE, which is currently so overcrowded that traffic diverts from it onto Queens Boulevard in the first place.

No, it will divert onto the parallel streets of Rego Park (e.g. Saunders and Booth) and Forest Hills (Burns and Greenways) and Kew Gardens Road.

And if the service road parking is eliminated/ diminished, patronage of the Queens Boulevard shops will plunge.

The answer to safety is to prevent pedestrians and vehicles from occupying the same space at the same time; vehicles can’t be turning or in motion when pedestrians are crossing. Bring all traffic to a stop; let pedestrians cross in all directions; then sequence all vehicle turns.

If vehicles can’t turn while traffic flows, drivers won’t rush turns and hit crossing pedestrians. (Space for vehicles waiting to turn must be adequate.)

If traffic flows smoothly via synchronized lights, drivers won’t speed.

Barry Gloger
Forest Hills

Iran Agreement Danger

To The Editor:

President Obama and Secretary Kerry put the United States and other countries in jeopardy by entering into an agreement with Iran which temporarily curbs its nuclear armaments program. They have either been duped or they are naïve or both. Both are more concerned about their legacies than the security of the world.

Iran said it will place its nuclear development program on hold and allow inspection of its facilities, but Iran has had time to disperse and hide its nuclear facilities. Under the nuclear agreement Iran can deny access by inspectors to undeclared sites and then the inspection process goes before a number of committees for resolution, which can take close to a month. This is enough time for Iran to move the equipment and materials.

The agreement will allow lifting of economic sanctions which will immediately release $150 billion and cumulative trillions in subsequent years. This money will allow Iran to purchase armaments, which will be used to continue the destabilization of Middle East countries and the ongoing sponsorship of Islamic terrorism in the world. And don’t forget, Iran hates the US.

The US Congress should not approve this terrible agreement.

Donald A. Moskowitz
Londonderry, NH

Adopt A Tree

To The Editor:

You may have noticed that New Yorkers tend to regard the whole outdoors as their trash can, especially any part of it that isn’t covered with concrete. That applies particularly, for some reason, to the areas surrounding street trees. In wealthy neighborhoods, doormen keep the sidewalks and tree beds clean and even planted with flowers. On streets with singlefamily homes, homeowners often do the same. But in other neighborhoods, there’s often no one to keep the streets and tree beds clean of cigarette butts, cardboard coffee cups, bottles and cans, candy wrappers, etc. So what if all of us who were so inclined adopted just one tree that they passed frequently as part of their daily activities and vowed to clean up the area around it, not just once but as often as they passed it and found it littered with trash?

I’ve been doing this with one tree for a year or so now and it’s made a big difference to my feeling about it. I get a kick out of seeing it still litter free, and when it isn’t, I just pick up the litter and carry it six feet or so to the nearest trash can. Yes, I wonder why other people didn’t do that. I mean they were probably as far from the tree as they were from the trash can as they passed by, but they chose the tree over the trash can. It seems to reflect New Yorkers’ weird attitude toward nature – that it’s mainly there to be dumped on.

Anyway, that’s my suggestion. If enough people chose to do this, it would make a big difference in the look of our neighborhood.

B. Woodward

Time To Read Bills

To The Editor:

Utah Senator Mike Lee is a profile in courage. He stood up to fellow Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and voted “no” to the proposed sixyear Highway Trust Fund bill. McConnell is no different from former Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada. McConnell introduced the 1,033-page Highway Trust Fund bill at 3:07 pm and insisted members vote on the bill at 4:30 pm on the same day. As of 4 pm, only 500 pages were actually printed. I only wish our own Senators, Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, would do the same on a consistent basis regardless of which party is in the majority.

Fifty-five senators joined Senator Lee in objecting. All members of the Senate could learn much from the late Idaho Republican Senator James A McClure, who passed away four years ago. His claim to fame on Capitol Hill was for 18 years, he read every word of every bill before voting on it. For many years, he signed his own mail.

Fast forward to today. Members of Congress would have to have taken an Evelyn Wood speed reading class to absorb the thousands of pages contained in previous Health Care, Stimulus, annual Omnibus, temporary Stop Gap spending, along with other so-called “emergency legislation” passed in the dead of night. They received these only hours before being asked to vote up or down. Remember Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California who said “We have to first pass the proposed Obama Health Care bill before we can understand the contents.”

Would you sign a mortgage on a home or car loan before reading? It seems that in Washington too many of our congressmembers live in the “Twilight Zone.” They are devoid of the reality constituents deal with on a daily basis. Only lobbyists, key Congressional staff members employed by the House and Senate leadership teams who actually wrote the fine print within the hundreds to several thousand pages on behalf of their bosses have any idea of the details buried in the actual contents. Who knows how many pork barrel member item projects were buried in the proposed Highway Trust Fund bill. There should be a seven-day minimum time out period. This would provide adequate time for members of any legislative body but also ordinary citizens, the media and independent good government watch dog groups the opportunity to understand all of the contents contained in any proposed bill. Everyone would also have the opportunity under an open process to comment and discuss the merits or consequences before others vote up or down for adoption.

We would all be better off if Congress members would take time to actually read, line by line and openly debate in public any proposed legislation before voting. Their legislative actions impact both our economic and civil liberties. Future generations have to pay for and live with the consequences.

Larry Penner
Great Neck

We Pay For Medicare

To The Editor:

I applaud Congressman Joseph Crowley for supporting and being an advocate of Medicare. Medicare is 50 years old. I remember President Truman being the first to receive his card from President Johnson.

My grandmother was thrilled at that time as well, since she also was on Medicare. Unfortunately Medicare is on target to be cancelled and that is a blight on our society, since our baby boomers, as well as our Greatest Generation and disabled population will greatly suffer. Medical care is not a luxury, and not a gift or privilege, but a necessity and we all have Part B deductions from our Social Security checks.

I applaud Grace Meng for not advocating the Iran nuclear deal. I agree with her. This will be the worst mistake that our country could make, to give in to a terrorist country that took our hostages and threatens Israel and the Middle East.

I liked the Editorial about National Night Out.

That shows strength in numbers, but should not only be once a year.

I also am concerned about Legionnaire’s disease spreading by cooling towers. All buildings must be inspected. Glad that the Health Department is investigating and at this point there are no more cases. Prevention is the key and inspections should have been made prior to the outbreak.

Cynthia Groopman
Little Neck

What Happened To Us?

To The Editor:

The recent rash of violence across our country is very troubling. It seems that it is no longer safe to go to the movies, shopping malls, houses of worship, or just to simply go out for a leisurely walk. Our military bases also have been targeted, with innocent soldiers injured and killed. WHY? Society is falling apart; there are no longer any morals or decency by which to live. It seems that people just have lost respect for each other, for human life, as well as animal life. What is the country coming to? Does anyone still have respect for themselves and each other? Our government is in disarray in Washington also. Our elected officials can’t seem to accomplish anything at all, so why did we elect these clowns? They are the poorest excuse for politicians that this country has ever seen.

John Amato
Fresh Meadows

Windows Now Broken

To The Editor:

Mayor de Blasio’s policy of severely curtailing the use of stop and frisk by the police has really had a dramatic effect on reducing the crime rate, hasn’t it? Only 19 shootings incidents with three fatalities this past weekend.

Charles M. Barthold
Jackson Heights

Stop & Frisk Worked

To The Editor:

I am very distressed over the increase of shootings and killings in the city and find this very sad. Young lives are being taken for no reason and mothers are forced to bury their children. My answer is to bring back the policy of Stop and Frisk. This policy worked and got guns and knives off the street. Also the Broken Windows policy prevented bigger crimes from happening. The bottom line is that these policies need to be brought back and if that doesn’t happen more men, women and children will surely die.

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.
Glen Oaks Village

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