2015-08-05 / Editorials

Make Every Night A ‘Night Out’

Last night’s 32nd annual National Night Out Against Crime was gratifyingly well attended. There were many special, informative and engaging activities, but most importantly, the community, along with their local police precincts took back the night. It was a night of unity, in which the community stood together, neighbor with neighbor, joining the cops on their beat – many meeting for the first time. In addition to the NYPD and community councils, the FDNY and other city departments, schools, businesses, local officials, hospitals, senior centers, and citizens’ groups all turned out to create a special night. Pulling together we cannot lose. This is a win-win, there is no valid argument against joining together to fight crime. In fact, it would be inexcusable to allow conditions to deteriorate from what we have achieved so far. We cannot stress enough the importance of working with local precincts to come up with solutions for crime prevention. Those who remember past decades also remember the depths to which our city sank. Unfortunately, we are seeing a few vestiges of the bad old days, and do not want to let it creep back in any way. Our past two mayors made tremendous strides in making New York one of the safest cities in the world, and we must not allow that progress to be foolishly frittered away. If we are not vigilant, conditions could quickly and easily slip backwards. We must take hold of the situation now, and give the police the power to do what needs to be done to preserve our present status. They must not be hindered from doing their duty. The value of a low crime rate cannot be overstated, as it affects every aspect of life, for every member of society, in every age group.

Last night exemplified what can be accomplished when those of good will rally and organize. We hope the annually renewed effort continues throughout the year, every year.

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