2015-07-29 / Front Page

Crowley Visits Coca-Cola In Maspeth

Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley visited the Coca-Cola packaging facility on July 22, in north Maspeth’s industrial zone. Built in 1946, the site boasts more than 450 local employees, and primarily ships to local vendors within the five boroughs. “The jobs created here by Coca-Cola allow hundreds to sustain the lives of themselves and their families,” said Crowley, an avid supporter of industrial businesses. “It’s important to keep this vibrant, industrial community thriving. Coca-Cola invests so much in their local communities, and have shown they are a partner.” At the Maspeth facility, cans and small and large bottles are blended, filled and packaged. Dasani water, which comes from New York City water, is bottled here as well. The building operates five days a week, 24 hours a day, increasing to six days in the summer when beverage needs are higher.

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