2015-07-29 / Editorials

Keeping The Peace: Night Out Against Crime

Next Tuesday, August 4 will be the annual National Night Out Against Crime. Neighborhoods all over the country will be holding the event, and we hope you will attend. The Night Out Against Crime has been celebrated for over 30 years now, and is going stronger than ever, with even more activities meant to entertain, inform, and unite communities with their local precincts. On this night, we not only can get our children fingerprinted for their protection, get health screenings, and learn a host of crime prevention tips, but also become acquainted with our local police force who walk the beat on our own blocks. In this case, familiarity breeds mutual respect.

Since the Nights Out were created during a time of intolerably high crime in our city, communities have joined with local law enforcement to identify trouble spots and and explore solutions tailored to their unique needs.

If you cannot attend the Night Out Against Crime, you can still greet your local police officers, chat about circumstances affecting you and your neighbors, give them a heads up on any situation that perhaps they should look into, and even thank them for their help. Police officers are people too, and deserve respect and support for the difficult and often dangerous work we have asked them to do. When a neighborhood is in trouble, the first thing they do is ask for increased police protection, and rightly so. Do also join community groups dedicated to working for a safe environment, such as your local precinct community council.

Working together, cooperation between citizens and police has improved neighborhoods throughout the country. By joining with law enforcement, we gain the benefit of a safe environment to raise our children and go about our business in peace.

We were sorry to hear of difficulties the 100th Precinct has been experiencing in holding their Night Out. But it will be held after all, on August 4. Stay tuned for the location and time.

Activities common to most Night Out Against Crime events include music, food, safety-themed coloring books and info, arts and crafts, raffles, and rides, all free! Some even offer free tickets to shows, concerts, or baseball games. Local hospitals, senior centers and other organizations will also join in to improve the quality of life for all members. We hope everyone can take advantage of this great opportunity to help strengthen our sense of mutual responsibility, and cooperation and respect for those whom we have called upon to help ensure our peaceful existence.

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