2015-07-22 / Editorials

‘Not Hard, Not Far To Reach’

“Rock-Rock-Rockaway Beach, we can hitch a ride to Rockaway Beach,” sings Joey Ramone, the lead singer of Forest Hills punk band, the Ramones. The shining sun and warm, breezy weather are calling us for a beach day, and we can’t think of a better place to go than Rockaway Beach. When many of us hear the word “beach,” the first locations that spring to mind are Long Island or even the Jersey Shore. However, we have a gem of a fantastic ocean beach right in our midst, located in our very own borough: Rockaway Beach. With its new facilities and clean, beautiful sand, Rockaway isn’t to be overlooked. If it were located anywhere else, people would be driving and flying in to spend time on our gorgeous local shore, as with popular destinations such as Myrtle or Virginia Beach. Rockaway Beach, which has made a remarkable recovery since Superstorm Sandy in 2012, isn’t to be taken for granted. It could definitely use the business and support from Queens locals like us. Grab your friends and make a day-trip to enjoy the shore, the beach, the sand, the food, the fun, and maybe even the surfing. Stick around until the sun goes down for a picturesque view to welcome a beautiful summer night right here in Queens. As Joey Ramone sings, “It’s not hard, not far to reach. We can hitch a ride to Rockaway Beach.”

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