2015-07-22 / Editorials

Give Queens Library Board A Chance

We were sick at heart to read about allegedly inappropriate spending by those formerly associated with Queens Library. We love the library. It is one of the most valuable assets in Queens. We want to think of our favorite institutions as perfect in every way. The current Board of Trustees has been very responsive to concerns about the library’s oversight. Over the past several months, they have taken decisive action to address the problems City Comptroller Scott Stringer identified during a widely-reported announcement last week and they have already gone a long way down the right path. Along with the Interim President and CEO, the Board has adopted new, stringent policies to eliminate irresponsible spending. They have proven they believe in transparency by permitting the Comptroller’s office to have full access to financial records. They made sweeping management changes where they felt it was necessary. There is nothing to be gained by continuing to pile on. The Library Board deserves a chance to do its work in a responsible and deliberate way. They have already demonstrated that they are willing and able to take on a tough job.

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