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Internet In Bloom For The Layperson

By Ted Bloom
If a village can raise a child, why can't the Internet do the same--or at least help?

There are many wonderful websites for single parents or parents in general.  Following are just a few.  Who doesn't like free stuff?  www.Singleparents.about.com/od/freebies gets my vote for one of the most creative and beneficial sites for parents. Here is a sampling: free meals, free furniture, free phone service, free software, free parenting advice and free school lunches.  For example, the free phone service is available to qualifying families through several government programs.  Also, please keep in mind that www.Craigslist.org has a free stuff link, complete with pictures of the freebies under the for sale heading. Craig is a nice California dude, the site is based out of California, however, I strongly suggest you meet the party involved in public in a safe setting before you agree to anything, just as if you were using an Internet dating website.

Moreover, another plethora of knowledge is www.PBS.org/parents A librarian by trade, I am still impressed by the sheer amount of research gone into this website.  Following are the titles of the main tabs on the home page: birthday parties, child development, education, fun and games, food and fitness, parenting, kids programming, kids shop, videos.  But wait, there's more!  Mouse over each of the above tabs and see a drop-down menu of more related categories.  Further down on the right side of the web page we have three more tabs under the heading Parenting Tools: child development tracker, activity search and bookfinder

Not to be out done, we have a website based out of midtown Manhattan: www.SingleparentUSA.com an independent, non-profit organization that began in 1975 offering the following links in the upper left corner of its simplistic, blue home page: about us, our programs, problem gambling, support us, our team and contact us.  Some of the programs offered under the programs link are: father support groups, mother support groups, parenting workshops to aid in identifying abusive behavior, operant conditioning, setting limits and healthy communication, gambling and alcoholism rehabilitation, youth communications and support groups and more.  Just as countries have to be well educated to compete in our global marketplace, our kids are our future and must be raised correctly, regardless if we are parents or not. 

Queens Gazette readers please note: If you have any websites you would like to see reviewed or mentioned in general, in this column, please email or snail-mail me care of the Queens Gazette.  Contact information may be found in this publication.  If the sites meet our standards I will consider including them and give the sender credit for the lead.  As always thanks for reading Internet in Bloom and the Queens Gazette and keep up the research.

Ted J. Bloom, MLS., MSEd., CPL.,CKMI., has been a published columnist in New York since 1999. A college librarian and professor in Brooklyn and Manhattan, some of his credentials include, creating a career preparation computer lab for at-risk youth through the U.S. Department of Labor, as well as being a YMCA Director, a SUNY Communications Instructor, a Certified Krav Maga Instructor and a member of the largest krav maga school in NYC: KMI.  His first book The Librarian's Guide to Employment in the Information Age is now available on Amazon.com and iTunes.


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