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Letters to the Editor

Reactions To Rulings

To The Editor:

At last we see a number of decisions coming out of SCOTUS. They’ve been a long time coming. They were diverse, and as would be expected, were received by each of our political parties with various degrees of either approval or disdain depending on their advocacy. Following are the five Supreme Court judgments:

1. Ruled in favor of Marriage Equality giving joy to so many marginalized American couples who can now marry in all 50 states.

2. Ruled in favor of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) allowing millions of Americans to continue access to a healthier and happier life.

3. Ruled to eliminate an obstruction to voting rights, thus allowing more Americans the freedom to cast their ballot.

4. Ruled to allow the alternative painful execution drug to be used to kill those given the death penalty.

5. Ruled against the EPA Clean Air Act which set limits on the emissions of toxic pollutants from power plants contaminating the air we breathe.

It is interesting to note the introspection on the part of each party relative to celebrating the SCOTUS decisions above; those of love, happiness and freedom or those of death and illness. Listening to the politicians, in particular the presidential candidates’ reactions to each of the rulings says volumes as to their values being the priorities of their party. Listen and learn. Which America do you prefer?!

Margaret Fogel

Fighting Cancer

To The Editor:

On behalf of my Board and staff, as well as the thousands of cancer survivors and community members served each year by Astoria/Queens SHAREing & CAREing, Inc. (dba SHAREing & CAREing), I extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and Council Members Costa Constantinides, Elizabeth Crowley (Co-Chair of the Council’s Women’s Caucus), Danny Dromm and Cory Johnson (Chair of the Council’s Health Committee) for their leadership on behalf of restoring funding for women’s health services, including funding for family planning, perinatal care and cancer screening and support services in the recently adopted budget.

As a result of these efforts, SHAREing & CAREing was once again awarded funding under the Council’s Cancer Initiative, an initiative created to assist community-based health organizations providing screening, education and support services to women with breast and ovarian cancer. This funding will allow us to continue to provide thousands of cancer survivors and their families with counseling, benefit and medical information, education, and hope.

As a 21-year cancer survivor, I am not only blessed to still be alive, but blessed to be part of an organization that not only educates and empowers but an organization that actively helps to save lives. Day in and day out, cancer survivors, family members and community members contact our office seeking help, be it counseling, direct services, linkages to screening or treatment or just a shoulder to cry on and be comforted. My staff and I are always there for whoever calls or walks through our doors. No one is ever turned away.

On behalf of these women, and all the other women and families served by SHAREing & CAREing, I thank Council Speaker Mark-Viverito and Council Members Constantinides, Crowley, Dromm and Johnson, as well as all of their colleagues in the Council, for successfully working with the Mayor to restore funding for women’s health services in the budget. As a result of their efforts, all New York City women will have access to essential and lifesaving health services.

Anna Kril
Founder & President
Astoria/Queens SHAREing & CAREing

Grow Up, Guys!

To The Editor:

I am appalled that the governor and the mayor cannot get along. Both represent the best interests of our city and state and must develop a mature working relationship. They do not have to be friends but must not bash or trash each other. The mayor has no right to trash the governor. They must work toward a better city and state. Both represent us and we voted for both of them. Both should set aside their inflated egos and act and behave like mature elected adults.

Also, congratulations upon the 25th anniversary of ADA. It was a Republican, President Bush, who enacted the legislation. I strongly believe in the ADA but yet disabled people are unemployed and still are not treated as equals. Blindness is one of the four worst fears that people suffer and yes, disabled people are still not accepted socially. We cannot legislate morality. There must be more attention to blind senior citizens in terms of their special needs and important documents must be put into Braille. I am glad that Social Security puts their information in Braille.

I am glad that this is the safest June on record in terms of crime in NYC, but yet there are firearm arrests. We must learn to respect police and authority if crime is to be reduced, and teenagers must learn responsibility and there must be a continued war on heroin and other drug use, which has risen.

Cynthia Groopman
Little Neck

Women’s Role Models

To The Editor:

The US Women’s World Cup Champions were honored in the march up the Canyon of Heroes, which on Friday became the Canyon of Heroines. These dedicated young women truly made America proud of their spectacular achievement in the game of soccer. For they really proved they are the best of the best. The young women of today truly have women to look up to who have proved to be true role models. The winning of the Women’s World Cup was a great honor for America, for these tenacious and dedicated young women, but also for our youth of today. Furthermore, the children and the young women of today can now see anything is possible if you work hard and never lose sight of the prize. Now for that let me say, “You women really rock.” Finally let me repeat the chant that repeated over and over again on Friday, “USA, USA, USA!”

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.
Glen Oaks Village

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