2015-07-08 / Editorials

Queens Library Returns To Six-Day Service

Last week, the City Council announced and celebrated its victory in restoring sixday library service.

The newly adopted budget, which went into effect July 1, allocated a total of $43 million in funding for the city’s three library systems, Queens, Brooklyn, and New York (Manhattan, The Bronx, Staten Island), which will increase access to New Yorkers of vital services, such as literacy programs, career development, and of course, access to the library’s collection of books, videos and additional resources. At this funding level approximately 450 jobs will be created among the library systems.

We cannot see any reasonable argument against it, and acknowledge the positive effect that six-day library service will have on our borough.

This is a win-win situation for everybody. Six-day service creates more job opportunities and provides greater access to the information-hungry citizens of Queens. Also, those who are without services, such as the internet, will now have a longer opportunity to utilize the web, available at all library locations.

Queens Library is one of the largest and greatest public library systems in the United States and continues to be a destination for residents of Queens, young and old, which greatly depend on its numerous public services.

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