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Food For The Soul Takes The Faithful On Historic Journey


Readers are in for an enthralling history lesson on Catholicism and a word of caution from author Alex LaPerchia in his latest book, Food For The Soul. Told in a series of original stage plays and one screenplay, LaPerchia is no stranger to the complex and enriching world of Catholicism. In 1999, he released the widely acclaimed Satan and the Saint on the life of St. John Vianney. What is different about Food For The Soul is that the author explores the lives of several major influential Catholic figures through a dramatic and creative approach rather than just a straight historical narrative.

The three stage plays explore and educate readers on the history of Catholicism. The first play takes readers on an incredible and informative journey through the lives of the popes of the 20th century. This collection of biographies sheds light on who they were and what they stood for. The next plays explore the life of renowned Dominican monk Venerable Louis of Granada who was called the “theologian for the laity;” Blessed Margaret of Castello, a young girl who overcame a terrible disability and great adversity to devote her life to serving others; and finally a feature-length screenplay on St. John Vianney, the man who would go on to become the patron saint of all parish priests.

The book begins with the fascinating look at how UFOs are actually angels and not aliens. The author in numerous discourses, which can be viewed on YouTube where it has received many positive critical responses, has explored this theory extensively. The chapter also delivers a powerful warning: “I prophesize nuclear World War III if we do not repent our sinfulness, based on the Holy Bible, the Word of God,” writes LaPerchia.

Published by University Press of America Inc., the book (available on amazon.com and at www.rowman.com) is 149 pages and profusely illustrated.

LaPerchia’s narrative style and the book’s format and variety help make Food For The Soul an entertaining and educational read and takes the reader on a spiritual journey that will help them find meaning and relevance in this world while preparing them for the world to come.

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