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Shake Shack Coming To Queens Center Mall

By Julia Remache

Queens residents no longer have to endure a forty-five minute subway ride to the Manhattan, buy tickets to a Mets game at Citi Field, or book a flight at JFK to enjoy a good burger and fries.

The popular burger joint Shake Shack is coming to the Queens Center Mall. The popular eatery will take over the vacant spot left by Urban Outfitters. The new location is set to open on the ground floor in 2016.

Restauranteur Danny Meyer opened the first Shake Shack affiliated hot dog stand in Madison Square Park in July 2000 as a food cart. After steadily gaining popularity, the cart became a permanent Shake Shack kiosk in 2004 and began to sell hamburgers, fries, custard, shakes, beer, and wine in addition to hot dogs. Flash forward ten years and there are Shake Shacks all over the country and overseas including Manhattan, Long Island, Washington D.C. and Texas and as far away as Turkey, Russia, the Middle East and the United Kingdom.

Queens Center Mall also has another new store on the way. As mentioned in the June 6 issue of the Gazette, the Apple Store set to open in late 2015 is also the first store of its company to open in the borough. This store will be the largest Apple outlet in a New York city based mall.

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