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Change In Muni Meter Rules

Motorists will soon be able to pre-pay Muni Meters up to one hour before enforcement rules go into effect, city Department of Transportation (DOT) officials said.

DOT officials said motorists will be able to purchase a receipt stamped one-hour prior to enforcement, and pay only for the tie their vehicles are parked in the spot while regulations are in effect.

For example, if a Muni Meter goes into effect at 9 a.m., a motorist can purchase a receipt at 8 a.m., but only pay for the time their car is parked from 9 a.m. on, DOT officials said.

DOT officials said they expect to have all Muni Meters adjusted to the change by mid-July.

A DOT spokesperson said the agency has also begun deactivating Muni Meters at locations where parking rules do not apply.

DOT officials were given two years to implement the change under a law passed by the City Council in 2013.

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