2015-07-01 / Editorials

Celebrate Founding Principles On The Fourth

Our country’s 239th birthday this year falls on a Saturday, guaranteeing near-universal celebration. As we make our plans for an exciting weekend of picnics, fireworks, swimming, and reunions with family and friends for the Fourth of July, we also turn our thoughts toward our Founding Fathers. They risked it all for our benefit, and it is up to us to continue to carry the torch of liberty. We must stand behind our American flag, whose colors do not run, as our motto has always held. Never allow the erosion of freedom of the press, free speech, and freedom to gather – powerful rights which were put in place to preserve the way of life we celebrate. We must exercise our rights in order to keep them.

It is now easier than ever to stay abreast of the issues, and where our various representatives and candidates stand, putting our votes on a firm foundation. If one feels they have no strong feeling one way or the other on a particular issue, once they become aware of what is at stake, an opinion often readily forms. Make yours heard by participating actively in the preservation of our ideal of self-determination, at the minimum by voting in every election and primary. Of course, it is even better when we opt for even greater involvement, by attending civic meetings, volunteering, and public service. Stay aware of developments in your community, ask your neighbors for their take, let your children hear such conversation and even participate. It is their community as well. One day they will be called upon to continue our fine traditions. Keeping the origins of the holiday in mind will deepen our sense of gratitude and pride in the celebration of our nation this Fourth of July.

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