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A New Way of Telling a Classic Fairy Tale

By Catherine Tsounis

           Cast of Sklavi.
Cast of Sklavi.   A classic fairy tale has been sweeping the theatrical scene of Modern Greece.  A new way of telling a folk tale that appeal to young and old is “To Sklavi” (son of a slave).  The Theatrical Company of Elementary Educators of Arcadia presented this unique play from June 3rd to June 13th in the late afternoon at the Apostolopoulio Culture Center of the City of Tripoli Greece. The play was written by Xenias Kalegeropoulou. It was honored with the Carolos Koun medal for 2000-2001.

         “This is an enigmatic fairy tale,” explained the program. “For this reason it appeals to The King (Spiros Vardouniotis) having differences with his sons, the Prince (Efi Kagiouli) and Skalvi (Dimitris Simniotis).
The King (Spiros Vardouniotis) having differences with his sons, the Prince (Efi Kagiouli) and Skalvi (Dimitris Simniotis). young and old. A Prince fell in love with the picture of a young woman.  He went through many adventures to find the lady. His half-brother, Sklavi, born of a slave, helped him. There was an entanglement between all the young persons that awakens young love and brotherly devotion.” A fairy tale or myth hides a mysterious meaning. They help man understand the world and his place in it. Dragons, curses and unrequited love excited the audience. The hero, Sklavi, was told by the dragon that if he told the truth, he would be turned to marble. Greek dance music from Western Anatolia and the Greek islands added to the excitement of the production.

This is a folk art myth from the island of Symi. It is a classic fairy tale played in Greece. Dragon, princes, slaves makes it a colorful play with humor of another world that no longer exists. In the beginning of 1900, the tale was written for the first time in a common, in Rhodes and Kos. The tale has its roots in the Western Greek Anatolian culture or “Mikrasiatica” that existed at that time.

“To Sklavi” has been translated into Russian, French and Bulgarian. This fairy tale ought to be translated into English. It should be performed in a bilingual context in Greek and English outside of Greece.

 Dr. John g. Siolas (left) with Evangelia Vardouniotis and actor Prof. Spiros Vardouniotis

 Dr. John g. Siolas (left) with Evangelia Vardouniotis and actor Prof. Spiros Vardouniotis            Many persons created this unique theatrical production. A complete list of the company and staff can be secured from http://voltastintripoli.blogspot.gr/2015/06/blog-post_35.html.  The actors and personnel bolded in the program included: Young Sklavi: Yannis Tsirkas; Skalvi: Dimitris Simniotis; Young Prince: Maritina Douvi; Prince: Efi Kagiouli; King: Spyros Vardouniotis; King: Thanasis Mpournas; Tzakiraxan: George Kazantzidis; Queen: Christina Arvaniti; Princess: Pola Tsipianitopoulou; Cousin: Natasa Nilolopoulou; Sklava-Teacher: Yiota dourida; Kyra Maro: Anastasia Argyropoulou; Old Man Tavern owner: Vasilis Chronopoulos; Midwife-Teacher: Anna Zafiropoulou; Physicians: Vasilis Chronopoulos, Panos Iliopoulos, and Thanasis Mpournas; Narrators: Eleni Papadopoulou, Ioanna Vemi, Yiota Karidi, Gogo Mpakopoulou; Music: Xanthianna Pierrakia, Yiota Dourida: Child actors: Orpheas Koliopoulos and Aphroditi Tsirka; Producer Froso Hatzopoulou. Special appreciation in the program was expressed for the following: The City of Tripoli for their donation of the Apostolopoulio Culture Center; the Tripoli Dance Company; Tasos Birbili “Museum of Ceramics and Folk Arts” private collection.
http://voltastintripoli.blogspot.gr/2015/06/blog-post_35.html  - provided by Christo Macarouni
http://www.amazon.com/sklavi-3c4-3bf-3c3-3ba-3bb-3b1-3b2-3af-kalogeropou... - To Sklavi by Xenia Kalogeropoulou
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2QaZrBl9FE – background on the fairy tale
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