2015-06-17 / Editorials

Happy Father’s Day

As Father’s Day approaches, we contemplate the important role fathers play in our lives. Fathers and the quality of their parenting have a huge impact on their offspring. Though historically our society has downplayed the effect fathers have upon their children, what with their traditional role as the breadwinner who must be gone most of every day hunting down his family’s daily bread, they are our first and most powerful impression of what a man should be – a model to their sons of how to behave as father, husband, and adult son, and to their daughters of what to expect of the man they marry. Children from homes with a strong father figure tend to achieve more and stay out of trouble later in life. And then there are those daddy-type activities: household repairs, bicycle assembling, poker-playing, jar-opening, sports...yes, we know those are all stereotypes. Dads can and often do prepare meals, help with homework, read stories, get their nails painted (while asleep), get a free haircut (while asleep), meet with teachers and doctors, attend all major milestone events, and shepherd the children to appointments. They can even pass along their interests and avocations to their girls, as well as their boys.

Dad may not have lived with us, or may not have been biologically related, but he is the person who protected us, helped raise us, supported us materially and emotionally, taught us how to make our way in the world, and how to be good citizens, spouses and parents.

Not only are dads important, we love them, so show them that you care, and on behalf of the Gazette family, Happy Father’s Day to you!

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