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Queens Library To Host Digital Citizenship Program

Queens Library will be hosting a program on “Digital Citizenship: What Every Parent Should Know About Children and Technology.” It will be held on Thursday, June 18 at 7 pm at Queens Library at Forest Hills, 108-19 71 Avenue. Admission is free. The program is being presented by Dr. Eli Shapiro, a licensed clinical social worker with a doctorate in education.
Topics will include the history and benefits of technology, the technological disconnect between generations, challenges facing today’s teens, social, psychological and behavioral issues, understanding your digital footprint, modeling responsible digital citizenship, setting safeguards and procedures, implementing limits and boundaries, improving parent-child communication.
Technology influences nearly every facet of our lives, placing children today in a digital playground without instruction and supervision.
The Digital Citizenship Project was designed to empower parents, teachers and students to maximize the benefits of technology by understanding and avoiding its inherent dangers.

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