2015-06-03 / Editorials

Queens Is Diversity

On May 30, Central Astoria Local Development Coalition (CALDC) held their International Cultural Fest, a huge celebration of the multiculturalism of Queens. This is the most ethnically diverse borough and county in the world. It is home to over 138 languages in addition to English. Each culture, sub-culture and group for the most part gets along and interacts in a positive way and shares their various customs and ideas.

The International Cultural Fest is a testament to the fun, joy, pleasure and charms of various communities making Queens their home – the Irish, English, African, Italian, Greek, Jewish, Latino, German, Brazilian, Filipino, Nepali, Tibetan, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian, Pakistani, Thai, Egyptian, Spanish, Armenian, Russian, Polish, French – pretty much every nation in the world is represented here, you name it we got it.

We all get to taste the food, experience the arts, shows, and films of these groups that enrich us, making Queens the greatest place in the world to live.

For 30-plus years we have said you can take a trip on the subway, never leave Queens and yet see the whole world and celebrate the diversity and beauty of our borough.

As our Borough President Melinda Katz says, we are The World’s Borough.

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