2015-05-27 / Front Page

Transit Perverts Face Tougher Penalties

By Liz Goff
Perverts who bump, grope and grind themselves against straphangers on public transportation will soon face tougher penalties for their moment of pleasure.

Under a new “Subway Grinder” bill passed on May 20 by the state Senate, anyone caught making contact of any kind for sexual gratification on public transit “without the consent of the other person,” will face felony charges.

Under current law, offenders face only a misdemeanor charge for the act.

A serial subway grinder who “grinded” himself to sexual satisfaction on three straphangers in 2013 was initially slapped with felony charges hat were dropped when the State Court of Appeals ruled the charges could only apply, “If the victims were able to prove they felt threatened.”

The grinder was instead charged with misdemeanor sexual abuse, a count that carries a maximum three-year sentence.

Under the new law, perverts would face up to seven years in prison, if convicted.

The new lw does not call for increased penalties for perverts who flash or expose themselves to riders on public transportation.

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