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Parents Selected To Serve On CDEC


The election results are in and parents have been selected to fill 325 open seats on 36 Citywide and Community Education Councils.

In Community Education Council District 30, eight parents were elected with one parent ELL (English Language Learner) seat yet to be filled and scheduled for a runoff.

Three incumbents, Deborah Alexander, Valerie Lamour and Ka-Trina Harris along with newcomers Nuala O’Doherty, Adriana Lynch, Martha Sanchez, Robert F. Novak and Cesar Eduardo Tejeira were selected for two-year terms that begin in July.

A runoff election will be held in CDEC 30 for the ELL seat (each council must have one ELL and one IEP parent as a member) between Salina Akter and Myrna Sobeyda Palacios. The Department of Education will inform voters of runoff elections and provide details. Ka-Trina Harris is the IEP parent member.

“Congratulations to the hundreds of parents selected to serve on Education Councils – a major step in becoming transformative leaders in their communities,” said Chancellor Carmen FariƱa. “I look forward to working with all selected CEC members as we embark on the critical next step of ensuring that they receive quality training to develop a robust parent voice with high-functioning Education Councils – a key part of improving our schools and strengthening communities.”

Twenty-seven parents applied for a seat in CDEC 30 in an election that had a 57 percent increase citywide in the number of parents applying for a council seat from the last election in 2013 (1,290 up from 729).

In addition, 132 parent selectors voted in District 30 elections and there was a 60 percent increase in parent selectors voting citywide since the last election in 2013 (2,297 up from 1,433).

“We are very encouraged by the increase in parent participation in this year’s selection process,” said Executive Director of the Division of Family and Community Engagement Jesse Mojica. “We are thrilled to have such dedicated and passionate parents serving on the Councils. It is clear they are eager to make grassroots impact in their school districts and beyond.”

There are 73 appointed seats as part of the Community and Citywide Education Councils. Borough Presidents appoint two members to each of the 32 Community Education Councils.

The 32 Community Education District Councils are responsible for approving school zoning lines, holding hearings on the Capital Plan, and providing additional input on important policy issues.

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