2015-05-27 / Editorials

Let Pets Join Us Outdoors

Recently our sister publication, Queens Scene, had a special feature on pets, and the tremendous outpouring of affection and interest from the Queens Scene readers was overwhelming.

The State Senate has just voted to allow dogs in outdoor areas that have a separate entrance and the Assembly will soon also vote on their version of the same bill. Ultimately it should be up to the establishment owner whether to allow dogs, and the new rule does not require them to.

It behooves us to understand that pets are man’s (and woman’s) best friends. We believe there is no harm in having dogs (with good manners) sitting with their families at outdoor cafes.

We understand the preclusion of having pets indoors, as it would be unsanitary perhaps – other than service dogs, of course. But outdoors, we do not see what the problem would be if they behave and are with their owners. It would just add to the pleasant European-style atmosphere and the thriving cafe industry here in Queens.

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