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QueensWay Announces New Community Initiative

The Friends of the QueensWay and Trust for Public Land unveil QueensWay Eats guide and the official “QueensWay Sandwich” at Ben’s Best Deli in Rego Park. 
The Friends of the QueensWay and Trust for Public Land unveil QueensWay Eats guide and the official “QueensWay Sandwich” at Ben’s Best Deli in Rego Park.  As an example of the many ways in which the proposed QueensWay Park plans to highlight local businesses and the cultural diversity of the borough, The Trust for Public Land and Friends of the QueensWay announced on May 20 a new community initiative called QueensWay Eats. QueensWay Eats – a local restaurant guide and online interactive companion guide – showcases the great diversity of the borough through the many eateries located near the proposed 3.5-mile linear park. The release of the guide was held at famed Rego Park deli, Ben’s Best Delicatessen, and supported by the Queens Tourism Council.

Also unveiled Wednesday was the addition of the official “QueensWay Sandwich” to the Ben’s Best menu. The new sandwich is comprised of pastrami, turkey, salami and cole slaw, and will be available to customers immediately.

Friends of the QueensWay Steering Committee Member Ivan Mrakovcic said: “This new community initiative is just one of the many ways in which the QueensWay will showcase the greatness of our community. Local staples like Ben’s Best recognize the many benefits the QueensWay will bring to their businesses, organizations, and the community as a whole. We look forward to continuing our work, to creating more community initiatives, and to building a world-class, family-friendly, linear park in the heart of Queens.”

The QueensWay Eats guide features 31 restaurants from Rego Park’s Ben’s Best and Arzu; to Richmond Hill’s Little Guyana Bake Shop and A&S Italian Pork Store; to Ozone Park’s El Viejo Yayo and Mamita’s Ices, and many in between. Residents and visitors are encouraged to use the guide to explore the many diverse cuisines of their neighborhoods.
The Trust for Public Land’s Marc Matsil said, “Among the many ways in which the QueensWay is committed to working with the community, we are especially excited to celebrate the borough’s dynamic cultures through the great cuisines offered in its neighborhoods. The QueensWay Eats map not only showcases local businesses, but will provide residents and visitors to the QueensWay Park with safe and direct access to top-notch food samplings from across the globe. We encourage you all to visit the world through the QueensWay and the variety of cuisines available right at your fingertips.”

Ben’s Best Delicatessen owner Jay Parker said, “Queensway Eats – that has a certain ring to it. Pulling together all that is great about Queens, its eateries, to partner with the Queensway Park is sheer brilliance. It is an honor and privilege to work with The Trust for Public Land and the Friends of the QueensWay on such a significant and forward-thinking project, and I look forward to having the QueensWay as the newest jewel in the crown of Queens.
The online, interactive QueensWay Eats guide is available at: http://goo.gl/unv6hf.
Printed copies of the QueensWay Eats guide can be found at the following locations:
Ben’s Best Delicatessen in Rego Park, Neirs Tavern in Woodhaven, Manor Delicatessen in Woodhaven, and Pahal Zan in Forest Hills.

Once the QueensWay is built, visitors will be able to use the park to easily and safely navigate the connecting neighborhoods and the thousands of local businesses and restaurants along the way, creating a significant economic impact for adjacent communities. In addition, the QueensWay will partner with many neighborhood and borough cultural organizations, and local businesses to provide residents and visitors with access to, and knowledge of, the many destinations that makes Central Queens so great. To learn more about the QueensWay, visit www.thequeensway.org.

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