2015-05-13 / Editorials

De Blasio Hops A Train

We are glad that the mayor took the time to ride the subway, albeit as the mayor, but he still got to experience the train like the rest of us do, to see how crowded it is, and he had to wait 20 minutes. Now that Mayor de Blasio has seen it from a regular person’s perspective, perhaps he could use his office to improve service. Fares have done nothing but go up. We would appreciate it if he would do something to improve the service we all deal with day in and day out.

There are many positive features to America’s largest subway system – we are big fans of our subway – but we all know the problems all too well: long delays, poor communication, service interruptions, rodents, the stench, and even the homeless. Now is the time to fix it. Queens’ population is growing and we want it to keep growing, but we all need transportation. We need our buses and subways to work at maximum efficiency.

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