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Love And Respect Mothers

Judging by the spike in mail, restaurant reservations and flower orders, it’s obvious that Americans rank Mother’s Day as one of the most important and celebrated holidays of the year. This is entirely appropriate, considering that mothers are a major source of life.

It has been observed that the labors of love put forth by average mothers at home, in addition to the paying jobs many have outside the home, would be worth a considerable amount a year if it were paid work. Because these tasks are carried out for no recompense but the satisfaction of watching a child grow up, they are too often regarded as having no value, if given any thought in the first place. Few human thoughts are more in error. Our mothers, or mother-figures are the people who first undertook the serious responsibility of making us into the people we are today. They gave us the moral structure that enabled us to become civilized members of the human family. They nurtured us and fostered our talents and abilities so that we could become the best possible persons we have it in ourselves to be. Loving us, they enabled us to become loving. Their strengths underlie our courage. Whatever we are we owe to them.

It is an awesome responsibility. Rest assured, though no one is perfect, all mothers do the best they can with what they have.

To truly be a mother is to enter into a lifetime commitment to another human being. The bond between mother and child transcends the physical. That bond sustains a child throughout life. Memories of what a mother said and did, however subconscious they may be, are our pattern and guide, governing our immediate reactions, perceptions, and actions, often serving us when we need them most.

A mother need not be biological. Everyone knows of (or has) mother figures. They even exist in the animal kingdom. Those who have had a mother figure remember her teaching, her loving and caring, and honor her throughout their lives. Many would say this person is their “real” mother.

Mother’s Day was first officially celebrated exactly 107 years ago, on May 10, 1908 in Grafton, West Virginia, the brainchild of schoolteacher Anna Jarvis, who conceived the idea to honor the memory of her own mother, who had died three years before. This Sunday, May 10, let us honor our mothers. Whether the bond of motherhood is biological or psychological, our mothers are the first and foremost person in all our lives.

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