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A Coyote In Middle Village

By Anae Petito

A guileless-turned-wily coyote evading capture in Middle Village.
Photo Joseph PetitoA guileless-turned-wily coyote evading capture in Middle Village. Photo Joseph PetitoOn the morning of April 27, a coyote was spotted in Middle Village. Police officers were called to the scene following phone calls they received since as early as 5 am, regarding the sighting in Juniper Valley Park.

At around 10:30 am, Middle Village resident,  Joseph Petito noticed police outside his home and headed outside to get a few photos of the contented-looking creature.

Petito tweeted photos of the coyote curled up behind a bush in front of a neighbor’s house at 71st Street and Lutheran Avenue. His tweet said, “@joe_petito: Coyote chilling in front of my house...yes in middle village.”

For around a half hour, officers surrounded the coyote, while one police officer stood above the coyote from a balcony holding a tranquilizer gun. A handful of police officers held nets, and two others held catch poles as they waited for the coyote to make his exit.

Officers advised those in the vicinity to stay inside their homes before the coyote bolted across the street passing through a group of onlookers standing inside of Juniper Valley Park. The coyote ran to the closest baseball field, which the police officers circled. All but one gate was closed off in the baseball field, which the coyote was able to make its way through. Officers chased the coyote, as it headed toward Eliot Avenue.

Petito described the animal as approximately the size of a typical dog. “[It] looked healthy and seemed like it was just hanging out. [It] seemed a little tired and nervous, but wasn’t excited or ferocious until the cops tried capturing him.”

This is one of the latest coyote sightings following a recent sighting of a coyote on the roof of a bar in Long Island City.

At 8 pm the coyote was captured. “He might have gotten away once, but not today,” the 104th Precinct tweeted.

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