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Sunnyside Chamber Returns To Dazie's


After an absence of more than a year, the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce held its monthly luncheon meeting in April at Dazie’s restaurant on Queens Boulevard.  The return, if only for the month, would have been happier if Lily Gavin, the owner, had been there, but she had slipped on the ice during the winter and broken her ankle and was still recovering.   There was no guest speaker, so time was taken up with advice and announcements.  An officer from the 108th Police Precinct talked about graffiti and reminded his listeners about rewards that might be earned for catching taggers in the act and reporting them.  A chamber member talked about an activist fighting for small businesses threatened with displacement by real estate development, and another talked about the latest citywide tree count.  Still others promoted coming events.

Patrol Officer Patrick Gallagher of the 108th said that reporting graffiti taggers might lead to a reward of up to $500.  This has been policy for a few years but should be restated periodically.  He said the recent arrest of a tagger advertising himself as “SBR” resulted in a reward for the one who caught him in the act and reported him.  P.O. Gallagher was asked what penalties come from being caught and said that most of the time they are fines, which if applied with each offense and arrest might discourage such activity—though the persistence of many taggers is legendary.

Pat Dorfman, an SCC board member, asked the meeting to consider Jeremiah Moss, who writes a blog he calls “bitterly nostalgic” and has started #SaveNYC as a protest against the implacable march of developers.  He has petitioned the City Council to pass a law saying that small businesspersons who have been forced to move may take up to 12 months to find new premises and rent for no more than a reasonable increase of the old rent.  She said she hopes to get the board behind this proposal but for the time being was asking her listeners to look up Moss and come back to her with their impressions of him and his activities.  

Dorothy Morehead, also a board member, is trying to encourage people to get active in the citywide tree count.  The Department of Parks first conducted a tree count in 1995 and, in census fashion, conducted another one 10 years later in 2005-06, when nearly 600,000 trees were counted.  Another decade has passed and another tree count is in progress.  Morehead welcomed those who would count trees only locally and those who would range widely.  She said that in addition to counting trees, their condition should also be reported.  An account of what was done in previous tree counts is available at www.nycgovparks.org.

Woodside on the Move announced three events, two of them musical, to be held on consecutive Saturdays in June.  The first Saturday, June 6, will be a sports festival, featuring such activities as wall climbing.  The second, June 13, will be a concert of Irish music and the third, June 20, will be a Latino music festival.  All will occur between noon and 4 p.m. on 61st Street, between Roosevelt and Woodside Avenues.  For more information, call Adriana Beltrán at 718-476-8449 or email abeltran@woodsideonthemove.org.  WOTM is also running a summer camp for youth 13 to 16 years of age from Monday, July 6 to Friday, August 28, with weekly activities from Monday through Thursday.  Further information is available from the above sources and jamaya@woodsideonthemove.org.

Other events follow in chronological order.  Angel Gil Orrios of Thalia Spanish Theatre, 41-17 Greenpoint Ave., said that Flamenco Amalgama, billed as “Spain’s most passionate and sensual art form,” continues at the Thalia through Sunday, May 10. 

Brent O’Leary of the Hunters Point Civic Association, said the association’s next meeting will be Tuesday, May 12.  Guest speaker will be Queens Borough President Melinda Katz.  Pat Dorfman said that the next Queen of Angels Art Fair is on Sunday, June 8 at Queen of Angels Parish Center, Skillman Avenue and 44th Street.

Lily Gavin’s mishap occurred while there was still a lot of ice on the ground.  She slipped and fell at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx and broke her ankle in two places.  Her daughter said she was at North Shore Hospital on Long Island, recuperating impatiently.  A get-well card was passed around at the luncheon and signed by all, wishing her speedy recovery and return to Dazie’s.

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