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From Fire To Forest Hills; Plaza College Thrives

Plaza College students and faculty reflect on the year since a major fire forced the relocation of their campus to Forest Hills. In April 2014, a three-alarm fire broke out on the third floor of the Bruson Building, home to Plaza’s Jackson Heights campus for four-plus decades. Plaza College opened in Long Island City in 1916, and subsequently moved to Jackson Heights in 1970.

“I live a few blocks away from where Plaza used to be located, and I heard all the sirens. I turned on the news, and they were already covering the story. I felt sad and surprised because just five days before, the semester had ended. The first thing that went through my head was anxiety. We were supposed to start a new semester within a few days, and it was clear that we were not coming back to this building,” said Ana Mira, a student at Plaza College. “The new campus is more than I expected, beyond what I imagined. Plaza has become a huge part of my life and represents the key that has opened the door to my dreams.”

In September 2014, Plaza College officially opened their new, ultra-modern campus in Forest Hills featuring state-of-the-art medical classrooms and labs. Students are educated with strong academic fundamentals and receive hands-on, career-ready experience to succeed in their professional endeavors.

“Through tragedy comes triumph.” said Charles E. Callahan IV, Director of Strategic Initiatives of Plaza College. “While the fire destroyed our home in Jackson Heights, we were resilient in rebuilding and couldn’t be happier at our new home in the ‘Heart of Queens,’ Forest Hills.”
“When I reflect on this past year, I must thank our faculty, partners and most importantly our students for their time and dedication in rebuilding Plaza College,” said Charles E. Callahan III, Provost of Plaza College. “We continue to move forward and are excited as we move into our 100th year of providing students with a valuable and successful education.”

Plaza College is a private, specialized institution that offers educational programs to students who desire challenging careers and a continuation of their formal education. The curriculum, tailored to meet the needs of a diverse population, offers students a distinct mix of business, liberal arts, and allied health courses. Committed to striving for excellence and professionalism in the development of its faculty, students and staff, Plaza is rooted in a tradition of excellence, and teaches its students the social, ethical and cultural values needed to become respected members of the community. Teaching the processes of critical thinking, collaboration, and lifelong learning, Plaza prepares its students to participate and compete in today’s global economy. For more information, visit www.plazacollege.edu/

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