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Aldorasi Still Waits For Justice

Anthony Aldorasi, a former principal of I.S. 141 in Astoria wants his name restored to the science lab that he helped create.

In 2007, after 29 years of a spotless record, Aldorasi was suddenly brought up on two 3020a charges stating that he physically reprimanded a student and mentally harassed a male teacher all which were later revealed as false. Aldorasi, was removed from office, never to set foot in the building again. Aldorasi was informed later on by teachers still working at I.S. 141, that the dedication plaque, which hung outside the science lab named in his honor, had been removed.

His career at the school began after years of outrage and complaints made by parents and teachers concerning the conditions inside I.S. 141, the Astoria native was appointed principal of the fledgling school in February 2002 and quickly turned it around, making it a positive place for students and faculty.

Quickly after his appointment, Aldorasi was responsible for an increase in math and reading scores. In 2005, I.S. 141 became a NASA Space Exploratory school (the only school in New York City) and received several visits from real life astronauts. The school’s teachers, students and administrators received a wealth of resources from the government due to Aldorasi’s grant writing abilities.

Because of his accomplishments, Aldorasi received many awards and even had the new state of the art science lab named in his honor. Local politicians and even the borough president attended the ceremony. The PTA raised funds for the plaque that was installed at the dedication on which his name and the following message are inscribed, “For your vision and love for our school, we dedicate our new science lab to you. From the faculty, parents and students.”

In 2010, former state Senator George Onorato honored Aldorasi for his extraordinary career as an educator with a Proclamation from the state of New York.

Aldorasi would like to see the plaque restored as soon as possible with the same amount of media attention and fanfare that surrounded his removal as principal.

“It’s the only way to forgive the sins of the past,” said Aldorasi. “I will not just let my legacy be forgotten.”


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