2015-04-29 / Editorials

Donato And Hartmann Will Be Sorely Missed

At the April 21 meeting of Community Board 1, its Chairman Vinicio Donato announced his departure after 43 years of service in August. Additionally, he announced that District Manager Lucille Hartmann would also step down in July.

Donato and Hartmann will be sorely missed. Donato became CB 1 Chairman in 1976. Hartmann has been CB1 District Manager since 2008.

In their time Donato and Hartmann fought for many improvements to their district, including quality of life issues such as improving traffic safety and refusal to allow topless establishments in areas near schools and residences. A milestone for Donato was the approval for the construction of a new building for Long Island City High School.

Western Queens is certainly a better place because of Vinicio Donato and Lucille Hartmann.

Community Boards play a vital role in each neighborhood in New York City and we are blessed to have such highly capable leaders in our midst.

But without them Queens, specifically, would not be the community it is. We know that issues that are of paramount importance appear in the pages of the Queens Gazette each week, but often their seed is sown at a committee meeting of the community board.

We know that community boards often quietly go about doing their business but the roles of Donato and Hartmann go well beyond an advisory capacity. We salute Donato and Hartmann specifically and the countless others who have served the community board over the generations.

They have been the guardians and cheerleaders for our community.

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