2015-04-22 / Features

Big Changes To City Air Code

City lawmakers last week passed a bill calling for the first major changes to the city’s air code since 1970.

The measure, passed by the City Council on April 16, will ban the use of new wood burning stoves and fireplaces in New York City and will require all newly built fireplaces to use natural gas or renewable fuels.

The bill also requires restaurant owners and street vendors to install pollution reducing filters on char -broilers, and calls for new regulation of emissions from power generated boilers and cook stoves.

The law requires a phase-out of school buses that burn polluting fuels and provides a waiver of some fines faced by food vendors who cut emissions from their trucks.

Some food vendors in Astoria scoffed at the new requirements, saying lawmakers “weren’t thinking” when they called for the changes. “It’s going to cost me more to install the anti-pollution system than I would pay for a fine,” a vendor near Steinway Street said.

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