2015-04-22 / Editorials

Respect Our Planet

Earth Day is when we honor the Earth, increasing awareness of our absolute dependence upon the natural environment and the urgent need to preserve it. See Councilman Costa Constantinides’ op-ed in this issue outlining the necessity for several important conservation bills he has introduced.

Now a worldwide movement, Earth Day was started in 1970 to raise consciousness about the environmental issues that affect us all.

Concern about the environment is not eccentric, groundless interference with profit-making, as users of the term, “treehugger,” probably think. And if people still place the label on environmentalists, what’s so bad about being a tree-hugger anyway? The living expression of our planet, her greenery, is what creates the oxygen we breathe and our food, while maintaining and nourishing its own habitat, the soil; it cools our hottest zones and provides a literal home to thousands of other species that call Earth home as much as we humans do.

Whatever side of the political spectrum you may fall on – we must respect our planet and celebrate life.

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