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Hero Cops Hailed In Bridge Rescue

Police officials and neighborhood residents are applauding a detective at the 108th Precinct Squad for “quick and decisive” actions that helped save the life of a woman who was threatening to jump from the Kosciuszko Bridge on April 6.

The joint rescue conducted by 108th Precinct Det. Meghan Kinsella and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, who tweeted a message on April 7 saying, “Remarkable cops doing remarkable work yesterday on the Kosciuszko Bridge epitomize the FINEST” Bratton then hailed 108th Precinct Det. Meghan Kinsella and NYPD Emergency Service Det. Steven Stefanakos and invited them to a meeting at his office at One Police Plaza in Manhattan.

Kinsella, who has been assigned as a Domestic Violence Officer at the Long Island City stationhouse for more than nine years, was returning to the precinct from a home visit when she heard a call on her police radio regarding a suicidal female on the bridge, police officials said

Kinsella raced to the bridge, 150 feet over Newtown Creek, where she spotted the suicidal woman standing on electrical conduit pipe along the bottom edge of the bridge, police officials said. 

The unidentified woman was grabbing a wire several feet from the top of the bridge to maintain her balance when the two cops began talking with her, urging her to let them lead her to safety. The two cops spent more than two hours using their NYPD “crisis communication skills” before they were able to talk her off the bridge, police officials said.

Kinsella said she repeatedly told the despondent woman that she, and Det. Stefanakos would not leave her until she was safely off the ledge. The two cops took turns speaking with the woman who, at one point, let go of the wire and bent her knees, police officials said. “The officers were terrified, at that point, that the woman was going to jump,” officials sad.

“Det Stefanakos asked the woman if she has a family, children who depend on her,” the officials said. “That was the moment when they knew they had broken through to the woman, who reached up and grabbed the wire. Moments later, the two officers reached down, grabbed the woman by the arm and pulled her to safety,” police officials said.

Detective Kinsella hugged and kissed the woman for several moments before she was taken to Elmhurst Hospital Center, where she was held for psychological evaluation.

“This was another example of New York Coty police officers performing their duties in an exemplary manner,” police officials saod.  “These two officers displayed calm during the crisis and saved this woman’s life.”.


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