2015-04-08 / Editorials

Kalo Pascha!

This year Greek and Eastern Orthodox Easter will be celebrated on Sunday, April 12. While most other Christians celebrated Easter on April 5, the Orthodox calendar is not always in sync with the Western calendar – and Easter usually falls on different dates for the two churches. While both use the same formula, based on the vernal equinox and the full moon, the reason for the different dates has to do with the use of different calendars: Eastern Orthodox uses the older Julian calendar in an effort to maintain a strong foundation of tradition.

While the history of Christianity and the calendar fills libraries and millions of web pages, it is safe to summarize that Easter represents the rebirth of man. Jesus gave his life to open the gates of heaven for all mortals.

The Orthodox community is well represented in Queens, and they will be observing the Easter holiday this weekend as the joyous occasion of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is marked with enthusiastic jubilation.

Whether one is a devout Orthodox Christian, or a casual adherent who only visits church on a few occasions a year – one cannot help but be moved by the spirituality of the day and the symbolism of the Resurrection of Christ and what it bodes for all mankind. Whether one is Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, atheist, agnostic, some other religion, or all of the above, we all see the value in the lessons of living a good life and loving thy neighbor as thyself. We cannot help but think that living in a world of brothers and sisters in the larger order of the world would resolve many of today’s problems.

The Gazette wishes everyone a healthy and joyous Greek and Eastern Orthodox Easter.

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