2015-04-01 / Editorials

Easter And Passover Celebrate New Life

Easter is the most important Christian holiday of all; the very “crux” of Christianity is when Jesus Christ rose from the dead. According to Christianity, Jesus is the Son of God who made the supreme sacrifice for all of humanity – He died to redeem the souls of all people, thus granting them eternal life in the kingdom of God, absolved of all sin. Being the Son of God, he rose again, as it is promised all souls will, when Christ returns. As Christians celebrate the release from the oppression of sin, the Jewish holiday of Passover, which takes place every spring, celebrates God’s liberation of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt.

Nature reflects this renewal in the rebirth of all life, animal and vegetable, in the spring, which is indeed here. If you are celebrating either holiday this weekend, let us wish you and yours a happy one, and to all a happy and fruitful spring.

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