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Peralta’s Fake ID Bill Passes

State Senator Jose Peralta’s bill to crack down on the fake ID market and other forged official documents was passed unanimously by the State Senate. The bill (S. 1250) toughens the penalties against individuals who manufacture or sell fake IDs, especially government identification, such as driver’s licenses, passports and Social Security cards.

The bill prohibits the sale of forged instruments. It also amends the penal code to include the sale and manufacture of government issue documents as a class C felony of forgery in the first degree. In addition, it creates the presumption that an individual who possesses two or more forged government documents depicting a person other than him or herself intends to sell those fake documents.

“This illicit industry does us a lot of harm, and it is still a huge problem in Queens,” said Peralta, whose district includes the stretch from 75th to 103rd Streets on Roosevelt Avenue, called by investigators the “epicenter” of fake ID production and sale. “This bill and the new municipal ID program is very bad news for the counterfeit mill operators. We have to crack down on the mills and increase the penalties on these mill operators to eradicate this serious problem.”

Peralta noted, “Counterfeit identification has also affected undocumented immigrants, as those selling the fake IDs prey on them, creating for them potential problems with the authorities.”

Peralta said fake IDs have been at the center of countless illicit operations, from alcohol-related deaths on the road and terrorist plots, to cheating on the SAT test and identity theft. “This is an illicit industry that threatens public safety, national security and personal property,” Peralta concluded.

You can visit State Senator Jose Peralta on social media: on Twitter: @SenatorPeralta; Jose R. Peralta on Facebook; Instagram: @Senatorperalta and the official State Senate page, www.nysenate.gov/senator/jose-peralta.

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