2015-03-25 / Editorials

Safety At Railroad Crossings

A fatal accident occurred last month involving a train on the Metro-North railroad and an SUV stopped on the tracks at a crossing, in which six people died, including the driver of the SUV and passengers on the train. It happened during rush hour.

There must be something that can be done to prevent accidents like this, short of building bridges over the crossings that cost tens of millions of dollars each. We agree with US Senator Charles Schumer that safety improvements must be made. But it can be done without spending billions. We have several such crossings in Queens and we should do our best to avoid such tragedies.

Perhaps accidents like this can be prevented in the future with better lighting, clearer and/or more signage, and perhaps even sensors that could warn the conductor in time to stop. It would be worth it, even if it saved one life.

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