2015-03-04 / Editorials

Life Is Complicated Enough

We need to stop changing the clocks every other minute. Okay, we change them every six months, but at our age, it feels like every other day at least. Changing the clocks is an archaic tradition that really no longer serves any purpose. Since clocks are our tools, and numbers are merely very useful but arbitrary symbols, we should not be dominated by our own inventions. It is within our power to change the system, a lot or just a little bit, as we are proposing. With communication a breeze, and everyone having the correct time on every device, it is quite simple to just say, “Let’s start and end an hour later.” It really does nothing for saving energy, as far as we know, now that our schedules are no longer closely reckoned by sunlight and extended by scarce candlewax. And no one appreciates the winter sun setting at 5 p.m. or losing a whole hour of sleep once a year! As for Daylight Savings Time, we do like it. It lets us have what seems like a whole extra day after work in the spring and summer. Perhaps we can just leave it at that – bite the bullet and change one last time this spring and never again.

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