2015-02-25 / Editorials

If You Clean It, Spring Will Come

We know it is hard to believe Spring 2015 is only a little more than three weeks away. With wind chills below zero, warnings to limit bare skin exposure to less than 15 minutes or risk frostbite, and snow nearly every weekend, the concept of spring seems like a cruel taunt from our sun-kissed countrymen in Florida or California. But rest assured, it came before, it will come again.

Our baseball heroes are pointing the way, being among the first to emerge from hibernation, with Pitchers and Catchers having just reported for Spring Training, and the first full workout taking place tomorrow for the Mets and Yankees.

In the meantime, we lesser mortals can make good use of our time. Think about doing something constructive while you are cooped-up indoors. Maybe get to that home project, paint, decorate, clean out your closets, donate the coats you have not worn in two years; ditch the old spring clothes that leave you “cold” and create space for some new springwear. In the process, you will even burn some extra calories in preparation for the glorious day when you shed your parka. And when the tulips and daffodils do finally spring up, you will be ahead of the game, not having to waste time indoors spring cleaning.

Spring officially begins on March 20 this year, by the calendar, anyway. Even if it does not get much warmer next month, we will still have an extra half hour of daylight by then, giving us incentive to stroll around after work, which we have not done in far too long. We cannot wait to muse over bright new floral arrangements, spring ensembles, or hike a few extra blocks, taking in the sights as we start to shed our “winter fat.” We will enjoy that optimistic feeling that naturally occurs when the sun shines on our faces once again, as we seek out green buds and shoots to confirm what the number on the calendar says.

Even though we are undoubtedly in for a bit more snow, maybe a lot more snow, rest assured it will not linger as long as before, as average temperatures should more often climb at least to the upper 30s. It will feel positively balmy to us.

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