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Causes And Treatments For Halitosis

Halitosis is a difficult and uncomfortable problem to manage when you are constantly interacting with people. The bad breath caused by halitosis has many symptoms which can generally be managed through simple treatments, as long as the patient is dedicated and committed to eliminating bad breath. Here at Park Dental Care, we provide the expertise to guide you through reducing bad breath, since it is hard to ignore the negative social, mental and emotional effects of halitosis in New York City residents. Fortunately, there are a number of treatments that can help you combat the ill effects of this condition. There are various causes of halitosis. Most commonly, bad breath spews from the mouth. Although we may think that eating foods such as garlic, onions, alcohol, or meat may be the true cause of bad breath, it actually originates from bacteria. Specifically, the tongue produces more than three-fourths of all cases related to bad breath. The tongue bacteria produce compounds and fatty acids that can cause halitosis. If the tongue is not properly cleaned, these bacteria run rampant and the bad breath can compound. Halitosis is more common if you do not clean the tongue, especially back of the tongue, where it is difficult to reach with a toothbrush or tongue scraper. Therefore, it is certainly worth the time to clean that area when you are brushing your teeth. There are hundreds of bacteria that are found in a typical mouth. Odors are caused by the breakdown of proteins into individual amino acids, followed by further breakdown of the amino acids into gases that emit foul odors. The nose and tonsils are also causes of halitosis. The nose, especially if you have a sinus infection, is the second major source for bad breath. The air that comes out of the nostrils has an odor that differs from the mouth, but also contributes to the smell we attribute to bad breath.

Treatments for this annoying condition involve a variety of strategies. The first and most common tactic is to clean the surface of your tongue twice a day, especially after eating meals. By using a toothbrush or tongue cleaner, you can remove the odor-causing bacteria from your tongue. Since dry mouth can increase the buildup of bacteria, chewing sugar free gum can help create saliva in your mouth that reduces bad breath. Gargling using mouthwash is also an effective way to combat bad breath for a short duration, although there is debate about whether this is a sustainable treatment for the condition. Lastly, probiotic treatments have also been shown to suppress the bacteria growth in the mouth, which effectively fights against halitosis.

For more information about halitosis, contact Park Dental Care today at 718- Dentist. At Park Dental Care of Astoria, we can get to the source of halitosis to help you combat the ill effects of the condition. Queens residents, as well as those located throughout metropolitan NYC, will find that we are conveniently located near the N and Q subway lines at the Astoria-Ditmars Boulevard station.

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