2015-02-11 / Editorials

We Salute Our Presidents

The holiday popularly referred to as Presidents’ Day, which occurs on the third Monday of every February, has evolved from celebrating our first and 16th Presidents, George Washington’s and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays separately, with a day off for each. They were combined and placed on a Monday to help some of us to celebrate more fully, with a long weekend, and also celebrate our other presidents. We salute them all, in the light of the awesome responsibility they have and do shoulder, for the entire country’s well-being as well as our country’s immense de facto influence upon the rest of world. Washington and Lincoln are exceptionally celebrated for having saved the country, leading the fight for our very survival as a nation: Washington as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army in the American Revolution, and Lincoln as Commander in Chief of the Union forces in the Civil War. Several other succeeding presidents also rescued the country and should be celebrated.

We salute all our past presidents, and current president, Barack Obama, as well as celebrate our egalitarian political process that allows us to select the best person for the job, regardless of their beginnings, and based upon their achievements, qualifications and who we like best.

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