2015-02-04 / Editorials

Don’t Let Winter Get You Down, Curfew Or Not

Don’t let winter get you down, in spite of the imposed shutdown of our entire transit system and curfews for drivers, as happened on the night of January 26, in anticipation of Winter Storm Juno. We believe shutting down the normally 24-hour transit service New York City is famous for was overreaching on the part of our government. We are not at war and there is no threat, so curfews are absurd and excessive.

We understand safety and we understand preparedness, but we are a little concerned about the overreaction to something that has yet to happen. By forcing employees to go home, we are forcing businesses to close, and that is not good for anyone. The transit system and cabs lost millions in fares, to state the obvious. We understand concerns about health and safety, which we support, but we do not approve of cutting all service on the subways and ordering a curfew for drivers, when people have work to do, or any other plans. In fact, they may have ended up exacerbating the situation, stranding people, or preventing some from checking on relatives. We would err on the side of good sense, and do not recommend giving the city that never sleeps a sleeping pill.

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