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Forest Hills Volunteer Ambulance Corps Aids FDNY

The Forest Hills Volunteer Ambulance Corps (FHVAC) provided mutual aid to the FDNY after receiving calls for help from the city agency on the morning of January 18.

The call, made through the NYC Regional EMS Council, was received at 9:45 a.m., sending the FHVAC operations team into action. Within a short time, FHVAC joined other volunteer and municipal teams from around the region to help the FDNY catch up with a significant backlog of calls in NYC’s 911 system due to high numbers of accidents caused by icy road conditions early Sunday morning. FHVAC provided one ambulance and crew for utilization within the city 911 system, while also operating a second ambulance and crew for the agency’s home district of Forest Hills and Rego Park.

The FHVAC crew members who participated were as follows:
Captain – Daniel Exler, EMT-B
Officer on Call – Lt. Brian Montalvo, EMT-B
Crew Chief – Jeremy Davis, EMT-B
Crew Chief – Justin Ly, EMT-B
Driver – Anthony Bu
Driver – Lt. Olexa Makuch, EMT-P
Dispatcher – Annie Bu, RN
Dispatcher – NYPD Detective (Ret.) Florence Gomes
The  FHVAC mission is to provide immediate and temporary care without charge, to the injured, wounded, sick, and aged persons, in the case of emergency, by rendering first aid and transportation to hospitals and other places for medical treatment and care.

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