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Queens Rallies Support For New York’s Finest


Dozens of Queens residents who gathered at a rally saluting New York’s Finest outside Queens Borough Hall on January 13 are vowing to continue to support city cops.

“These guys are out there in the trenches every day,” Fresh Meadows resident Jeffrey Burgess said. “The rabelrousers and cop haters are having a picnic because our elected officials are giving them the key to the city while handcuffing law enforcement,” Burgess said.

“These people shut down the Brooklyn Bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge,” Burgess said. “Ans they did it with approval by Mayor deBlasio and his friends on the City Council,” he said.  “De Blasoo knows he lost control of this mess he helped to create when he learned that the two cops sere executed in Brooklyn,” Burgess said. “Now he’s trying to divert the truth by making it seem like most cops aren’t doing their jobs and that they hate PBA (Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association) president Patrick Lynch, while he’s snickering at polls that conveniently pt him ahead in popularity,” Burgess said.

“Who does this guy think he’s kidding? He made the cops stand by and watch while the protestors took over the city. He put the lives of all city cops in jeopardy and he had to know what he was doing.

Frank O’Comnor, 36, of Forest Hills, chimed in saying, “Now deBlasio is pointing fingers, complaining about a work stoppage by city cops that he supports with a drop in arrests and summonses. What work stoppage?” O’Connor said. “How did he think cops could be on the street going after criminals and issuing summonses when they were pulled from their regular jobs to police his “hands-off” demonstrations?

Bratton put about 600 cops at each demonstration and told them to do nothing, but that left the neighborhoods with fewer patrols. Did Bratton and deBlasio think these cops could be in two places at one time? DeBlasoo egged-on the protestors with his own words and then took all he power away from the cops – and now he’s criticizing them for not making enough arrests in the neighborhoods?” O’Connor said.

Supporters at the rally, organized by retired NYPD Captain Joseph Concannon, used the event to blast the Rev. Al Sharpton for stirring up anti-cop sentiments that added to the state of the city.

“I’m here to tell you that police chiefs across the country want nothing more than to have open discussions on how we can improve relations with the communities we serve, “Chemung County Sheriff Chris Moss said.

Moss, who heads the New York State Sheriff’s Association, told the crows, “But if we truly want meaningful discussions with meaningful results, individuals like Al Sharpton can have no seat at the table.”

The Two-hour Queens demonstration was the first in a series of rallies planned by Concannon, who is organizing pro-cop rallies in all five boroughs through February.

“No one is speaking out to support the police,” Concannon said. “These rallies are to galvanize communities so the mayor and our elected officials understand they’re heading in the wrong direction,” Concannon said.

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